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One area where we have been active for many years is recycling and avoiding environmental waste. We re-use the boxes coming in to us for larger boxed deliveries. We provide Freepost return bags for those cartridges which can be re-used and we donate the profits from this operation to SSAFA

If you go to school or you work at an office, chances are that you use the printer quite frequently. Schools and business offices are known to consume the highest amount of ink and toner cartridges, but few locations actually boast a cartridges recycling program. That is because few people are aware of the importance of recycling your cartridges. But basic toner cartridge info will let you know that, not only is it super easy to recycle your cartridges, it benefits everyone in the long run.

Millions of cartridges are thrown away to the landfills each year and they are very harmful to our earth. It is so easy to recycle these cartridges, instead of throwing them away. Plus, recycling your cartridge helps the environment as well as your wallets. That is because recycled cartridges can easily be transformed into new brand new cartridges that are sold at a much cheaper price.

The more people who recycle their cartridges, the more remanufactured cartridges are sold on the market at much cheaper prices.

It is easy to encourage a recycling program at your school or place of work. Plus, you don’t even have to leave your building. All you have to do contact us & we will arrange collection.

Storing your Toners prior to Collection

We provide bags to customers for collecting toner cartridges. We ask that you place used cartridges in the boxes that your new cartridges came in so as to protect them before placing them in the bag.

We can also supply large collection boxes to provide a visual focus for your collection. The collection telephone number is clearly displayed on the boxes.

These measure 580mm x 460mm x 400mm

If using boxes, place one of our bags inside and remove the bag when full and seal it with tape to keep the contents inside. You can then place a new bag in the box to continue collecting your cartridges.

  • We provide a full recycling service with zero landfill
  • We take all toner cartridges regardless of age
  • ALL profits go to help ex members of our Armed Force
  • Raising funds in aid of SSAFA Forces Help, Reg. Charity No. 210760 Reg. Charity No. (Scotland) SCO038056 LINK
  • So please, follow our lead and make a conscious decision to recycle. We're here Monday through Friday to answer any and every question you may have about purchasing compatible toner cartridges. It's a smart choice for your bottom line and for the planet.